samedi 28 juillet 2012

Party in the USA

Yes!! Je suis actuellement aux Etats-Unis dans le sud pres du Texas. C'est le meilleur moment pour tester the "American way of life"!!!
 Road trip, cupcakes, kart, shopping, doughnuts et McDo voila les photos de mon super sejour "Made in USA". Hope you enjoy! 

Yes!! I'm now in the United-States in the south near Texas. It's the best time to experience the "American way of life"!!!
Road trip, cupcakes, go-karts, shopping, doughnuts and McDo here are the pictures of my great stay "Made in USA". Hope you enjoy!

Best doughnuts in the world


Je suis allee passer un weekend dans le Missouri a plusieures heures de voiture de la ou je suis. Voila les photos de mon mini road trip!

I spent the weekend in Missouri a few hours away by car from where I am. here are the pics of my mini road trip!

An American chicken restaurant

Dress: AbercrombieShoes: Tropezienne

Encore un classique americain: le banana split

It's HOT!!!


Vous ne me croirez surement pas si je vous dis que derriere un McDonald au milieu de nul part il y avait.... Des vaches!!

You probably wont belive me if I tell you that at the back of a McDonald in the middle of nowhere there were some cows!!

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  1. Oh my, are they Sesame Street cupcakes???? They are so so so cute!! Looks like your US trip is a lot of fun :D

    Pop by and visit my blog Taken By Surprise! xx

    1. Yes they are!! And they are also VERY good!
      My trip was awesome but unfortunately I'm going back to Paris tomorrow...
      Thanks a lot for your comment
      bisous de Claudine

  2. Jolies photos! J'aime beaucoup

    Angela Donava


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